12 Key Risks for School Boards in 2019

This white paper explains 12 Key Risks for Non-Government School Boards to consider and provides resources to help manage those risks...


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Created to be an invaluable resource for school leaders in Australian Non-Government Schools, this carefully-researched white paper focuses on 12 issues and risks that are likely to impact a school’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives in 2019.

This paper includes resources to help school leaders and boards manage those risks.

For each risk, the authors:

  • Explain the risk and its impact on a school’s leadership and objectives
  • Suggest key steps to consider in managing the particular risk
  • Provide a list of carefully-worded strategic risks to consider in addressing each issue/risk, that could form the basis of a school’s strategic risk register.
  • The white paper deliberately steers school leadership and boards to think strategically and consider the strategic risks associated with the issues that are raised.


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About the Authors

This white paper was written by members of the Education Consulting team and the Editorial team at CompliSpace. CompliSpace conducted a thorough review of published risk reports from across the country as well as a detailed review of the most-reported risks in the education sector in the period July 2018 to February 2019. Every day, CompliSpace monitors the progress of over 9,000 pieces of legislation. We also engage directly with school boards to gather anecdotal evidence first hand. Based on this research and our review of media articles, industry reports and our partnership with over 600 schools around Australia, CompliSpace have compiled this list of 12 Key Risk Areas that we believe Non-Government School Boards should consider in 2019.

Craig Craig D'cruz

Craig is the National Education Lead at CompliSpace. He began his education career in 1983 and has taught in a number of non-government schools including Catholic, PSA, Anglican and Greek Orthodox schools. He spent 22 years as a Deputy Principal and Principal and five years as the Industrial Officer at the Association of Independent Schools of WA. Craig was also a Board member and Deputy Chair of a large Uniting Church School for nine years.

He has a background in school leadership and governance, a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry - skilled in non-profit organisations, coaching, policy development, registration and compliance, curriculum development and HR/Industrial matters.

Jonathan Jonathan Oliver

Jonathan is a Senior Governance Risk and Compliance Consultant working with CompliSpace school clients. He has more than 10 years’ experience in the school sector as a teacher, compliance and legal adviser and more recently as a Business Manager.

Jonathan has been a solicitor for nearly 30 years and worked in both private practice and community legal centres.

Jonathan is a CompliSpace school risk and compliance specialist and regularly presents to school boards and executive staff on governance, risk and compliance issues. He also presents at school law seminars on a range of risk and compliance related topics.

IMG_2833 James Field

James is the CEO and cofounder of CompliSpace. He is a highly experienced legal and corporate governance practitioner, with over 25 years’ experience in the design and implementation of enterprise risk management programs across a wide range of industry sectors.

Prior to founding CompliSpace James held senior executive positions in a range of publicly listed and private companies and applies his hands-on executive experiences to assist CompliSpace clients to develop governance solutions that work and last.

James is a qualified legal practitioner. He is a member of the Australian New Zealand Education Law Association (ANZELA), as well as being a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia.

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