Uber and Equifax – Data Breach Responses are Critical

Another week another data breach as Uber revealed that it had been the subject of a data breach which resulted in the theft of personal information of approximately 57 million users. With the ever increasing reliance on technology to deliver most consumer services,...
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Why AML/CTF training must be on your radar in 2017

Compliance training is often seen as a 'tick the box' activity, without much thought being given to the return on investment to be gained. From an AML/CTF perspective, the main point of requiring reporting entities to undertake employee training is not simply to...
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AUSTRAC: Who woke the Sleeping Giant?

Aside from the remittance sector, AUSTRAC's enforcement activity has been relatively dormant over the last few years, occasionally bubbling away like a volcano, quietly active but not posing an immediate threat. Then… BOOM ! - it erupts with force, power and...
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