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Employment Options During COVID-19

Arising out of the disruption caused by COVID–19, not all staff in an organisation, whether casual or permanent, can continue to be gainfully employed performing their usual duties for their usual working hours. There are options and opportunities for retaining good people and building a more sustainable organisation but it will require consultation, collaboration and a dash of creativity.

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How Will Your Organisation Continue to Operate During a Pandemic?

We are now seeing the economic and social effects of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia, particularly in terms of public health controls. Some of these are quarantine, self-isolation and international travel restrictions. If we assume that the virus will continue to spread throughout Australia, then organisations need to plan how to manage significant numbers of staff being unable to attend work, and how to continue to serve clients and investors.

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Modern Slavery (Part Two): How to Position your Business to Comply

In a global marketplace, businesses risk reputational damage and losing consumer confidence and market share if they are found to have modern slavery practices within their business or supply chains. But there are some simple steps that can help business prepare for the passage of the Australian modern slavery legislation.

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