Implementing the Recommendations of the Financial Services Royal Commission

Previously…. a Range of Inquiries and Reviews Prior to the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry (Royal Commission) other inquiries into the financial system have highlighted serious issues and driven reforms...
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Oversight and Management of Non-Financial Risks

The Serious Consequences of not Managing Non-Financial Risks The ASIC Chair’s Foreword to the Taskforce’s Director and officer oversight of non-financial risk report (NFR Report) includes a reminder to readers that the Taskforce was established with special funding...
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Improving Financial Service Providers’ Dispute Resolution and Complaints Management

Need for better management of complaints from consumers of financial services In its Final report, published in May 2017, the Review of the financial system external dispute resolution and complaints framework (Ramsay review), made 11 recommendations for more fair,...
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