SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - 28 January 2020 CompliSpace, a leading provider of governance, risk, compliance and professional learning for schools has created free professional learning content on bushfire safety and wellbeing for teachers and school staff. This professional learning covers both practical and emotional issues of bushfire readiness and recovery and is available as online training.

“It’s been an unprecedented and tragic summer in Australia and whether a school community has been directly affected by bushfires or not, all of us are feeling the devastation. It is likely that teachers will be faced with questions about fire safety and dealing with issues like managing grief, loss and what to do. Above all, children will want to be assured that they will be safe. Our learning team at CompliSpace knew we could provide professional learning that would help,” said James Field, CEO of CompliSpace.

The online learning content includes courses on Bushfire Readiness (for schools), Dealing with Poor Air Quality, Bushfire Recovery and Wellbeing, and a podcast interview with child psychologist and trauma expert, Dr Sarah Schubert, called Supporting Students after Trauma.

“We’ve pulled the bushfire learning content out of our CompliLearn staff learning platform and made it accessible online, so that non-CompliSpace schools can easily access it and then share it with staff. Simply click here, or visit the link that follows, to request access to the learning -,” said Scott Anderson Allen, Senior Product Manager.




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