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Edith Bendall Lodge - Pascoe Vale, Victoria

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Edith Bendall Lodge, Victoria

In June 2020, a small Residential Aged Care facility in Victoria, Edith Bendall Lodge, had an unannounced Monitoring Assessment with the Commission. Three assessors arrived at around 9:30am to review the Home’s systems in line with COVID-19 and infection prevention and control. Related systems were also explored at this time including stock supplies, non-clinical areas (laundry, cleaning and food services), and management and Governance systems.

The assessors completed the visit in 3 hours, with everything reviewed found as meeting the requirements of the Quality Standards that were reviewed.

CompliSpace have been working with the Home in a consulting capacity, as well as implementing the CompliCare system with the management team.

The Director of Nursing, Martha Weson, was able to demonstrate:

  • the system to the assessors
  • the ease of review in relation to publishing of documents and
  • how policies and procedures are updated to ensure current / best practice content.

It was definitely a surprise to receive a phone call from the ACQASC to be informed following a phone screening that we were about to have an unannounced visit focusing on our preparedness for COVID-19.  However, the assessors were great and due to the hard work attended over the last few months with Ruth Greene from CompliSpace using the CompliCare system, we were able to obtain a great result!  Martha Weston, Director of Nursing

What is CompliCare?

CompliCare is a solution that helps residential aged care facilities meet - and demonstrate that you meet - your legal and regulatory obligations. It includes:

  • Policies - kept up to date with changes in the law and best practice 
  • Learning - mapped to policies and procedures, to ensure staff understand their compliance obligations
  • Assurance - to ensure what needs to be done is actually done
  • Reporting - so you can show compliance and continuous improvement in an instant - for any audience, including Assessors or your Board


See CompliCare in Action

In May, we presented a video demonstration of the system that Edith Bendall Lodge is using.

Click here to watch that webinar recording called: CompliCare Demo – Infection Control and Meeting the Standards.

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