Ensure You Do What You Need to Do


 Assurance is your complete set of tools for ensuring you are meeting your regulatory obligations. With Assurance, you can link tasks to your policies and procedures and track them, assess and mange risk, capture incidents, manage forms, credential staff and volunteers, generate reports and so much more.




  • Easy to Use

The intuitive design means users feel comfortable from the first time they see assurance.

  • Three User Levels

Having three levels including lite users – transforms the way Assurance works within schools.

  • Do More

In addition to managing Assurance tasks, Assurance allows you to push checklists and forms to staff, manage credentialling of contractors, staff and volunteers and much more.

  • Flexible, So You’re in Control

Build your own forms, registers and workflows.

  • Customise for Different Levels of Your Organisation
    • School groups – customise at a school level
    • Schools – customise for departments

  • Conditional Logic

Apply conditional logic to all forms, streamlining workflows and notifications.

  • Confident Record Keeping

Automated version control and back-ups, full audit trail, long-term archive and ability to email documents directly into Assurance.

  • Access from Anywhere

Mobile and tablet friendly.

  • Two-way Data Integration with Third-party Systems

Push and pull data automatically. Import and export data between third-party systems.

Three Types of Users