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Produced by the software engineers at CompliSpace, this blog covers topics such as high level engineering strategy, technical tutorials, tool reviews, agile methodology, and engineering best practices. With decades of experience between the team, and expertise across a number of languages and frameworks (Node, Vue.js, Ruby, and Rails, to name a few), the CompliSpace Engineering blog offers valuable insight for beginner and experienced programmers alike.


Author: Burak Cankurtaran

Taming the Software Beast: Using git as a database

Software is a fickle beast. Creating easy-to-use software that attempts to solve the problem at hand is difficult to do. Also, the coupling of problem and solution adds to the complexity - feed one and the other grows hungry. Developers are continuously trying to tame this beast. Standard engineering practices help ease demands on developers. One common caution that we all are familiar with is not to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and, expanding on this maxim: how read more