BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - 26 January 2018, the world’s largest onboarding, compliance and professional development platform, has sealed a deal with CompliSpace, a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance learning, that will expand’s user base by more than 50,000 users and position it as a leading player in the school training space.

Under the agreement, over 20% of non-government schools across Australia will have access to’s powerful training platform. This makes it easier for teachers and school administrators to maintain compliance policies and procedures in-line with legal requirements, provide access to teacher development courses and maintain records on training topics like child protection.

CompliSpace is a leading provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance and Policy Management programs, training and consulting. Its content and GRC platforms help organisations establish and follow policies and procedures in accordance with legal requirements. CompliSpace helps organisations across the education, financial, not-for-profit and commercial sectors, including over 20% of non-government schools and 25 education authorities in every state and territory.

The major appeal for CompliSpace is how’s platform lets teachers access content anytime, anywhere via mobile and desktop, as well as helping schools to maintain records on important topics like child protection, workplace safety, student duty of care and privacy. CompliSpace Child Protection Programs help to protect around 500,000 Australian students and the Go1 platform will help embed understanding of those policies and procedures among teachers, staff and volunteers.

Andrew Barnes, CEO and co-founder,, said technology plays a vital role in the school sector. 

"Education has always been something that is close to my heart. I’m working in the edtech space and my wife is also a primary school teacher. Being able to partner with CompliSpace means we can help more schools access some of the best content available to them. The school market is a place where helping teachers and education administrators can have a really big impact. We’re excited to play a part in helping them do their role in educating the next generation of Australians," Andrew Barnes says.

In the past six months, has increased its user base from 100,000 to 600,000, and now offers over 150,000 courses. The online learning and training marketplace also hosts over a quarter of a million learning assets, from videos to quizzes.

Mr Barnes’ former school, Cannon Hill Anglican College in Queensland, is one of the 600-plus schools that will initially benefit from the partnership. Vice-principal Gary O’Brien said it will make compliance and professional development much easier.

“As deputy principal I have a focus on leadership and management. One area of this is to make sure that the school stays on top of compliance. Using GO1 will help replace paper based and manual processes, giving us peace-of-mind to know that everything is updated automatically and we don’t have to worry about staying abreast of every legal change. We will be able to replace spreadsheets through the platform and our teachers will now be able to access all their training needs on their mobiles whenever they need. It’s a huge step forward. But most importantly, it’s our students who ultimately end up benefiting,” Mr O’Brien said.

James Field co-founded CompliSpace with David Griffiths when they saw significant inefficiencies in the way schools and other sectors were trying to manage their legal and regulatory obligations.

“The legal and regulatory environment within which schools operate is incredibly complex, particularly with the ongoing changes to child protection legislation around Australia.  We work with schools to ensure that their policies and procedures are maintained up to date with current laws, however policies on their own are not enough.  Introducing the Go1 platform will assist our clients to bring their policies to life and affect cultural change, which now more than ever is central to achieving compliance and managing risk.”

Mr. Field said. will continue to help teachers and school administrators connect with the best content on soft skills, leadership training and instruction to help them do their role in educating the next generation of Australians. Over the next 12 months it's estimated that will grow its market share in the school training space by an additional ten per cent.



ABOUT GO1.COM makes it easy for businesses to train their staff, with the world’s largest compliance, professional development and general training marketplace. By providing a single platform that extends from first aid training through to degree bearing courses, GO1 makes it easy to find and compare the best training options available. The marketplace features over 150,000 courses created by local and international experts. Customers include, Oxford University, State and Local Governments and St John Ambulance.

Since launching in 2014, has grown to be a world leader in online learning and education. In December 2016, the company secured $4 million in funding from a host of investors including Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter, Tank Stream Ventures, Black Sheep Capital, Blue Sky Venture Capital and Full Circle Venture Capital enabling the startup to continue expanding its offices across the world.


CompliSpace is a national, leading provider of governance, risk, compliance (GRC) and policy management solutions across a targeted range of industries in Australia. Our mission is to simplify risk, compliance and policy management so that organisations can focus on their core purpose.

The primary industries we help are Education (Non-Government Schools), Commercial (Financial Services and ASX listed companies) and the broader, Not-for-profit sector.


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