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Returning to ‘Normal’ Business Operations: Key Things to Consider

Preparation for the Return to Normal Work Premises A few weeks ago, many organisations sent their staff home as they rapidly implemented working from home arrangements to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This was done with relatively little difficulty for organisations that were mainly office-based and if employees had ready access to reliable IT and home facilities. More effort was required by organisations in relation to addressing IT infrastructure read more

An Organisation’s Privacy Obligations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has provided a plethora of new issues to be considered, as well as old issues needing to be addressed in new ways. Privacy is at the fore of this, as organisations consider issues of working from home, worker safety, and potential staff stand-downs. Health information needs to be collected to keep workers safe, and inappropriate disclosure of personal information can still cause serious harm. Organisations need to balance all these considerations read more

How Will Your Organisation Continue to Operate During a Pandemic?

A pandemic is not defined by the severity of the illness, but by the geographical spread. Even though the spread of COVID-19 appears to be slowing in China, more than 80,000 people have been diagnosed in China and there have been reported cases in more than 80 countries, with particularly large numbers in Iran, South Korea and Italy. Australia continues to report new cases, although resulting deaths thankfully remain very low. There are considerable read more

ASX Updates

ASX Amendments to Appendix 4C and Appendix 5B – Quarterly Cash Flow Reports are now effective read more

Happy New (Financial) Year! Don’t miss important wage and super changes in FY16

Increase in minimum wage read more