Author: Svetlana Pozydajew

Employment Law Changes from (or around) 1 July 2020 – Brief Overview

We briefly outline below the changes relating to employment that apply on or around 1 July. read more

Fraud, Corruption and Whistleblower Risks

This is the second part in a series of articles exploring COVID-19 Key Risks. The first part was on Business Continuity Risk in a Pandemic. read more

New (Temporary) Employment Rules During COVID-19

With many people’s livelihood at stake and the economy hanging in the balance, governments and decision-making bodies have been making a number of quick fixes and tweaks to their legislation to increase the ability of employers to keep their organisations going and people in their jobs, albeit in changed ways. read more

Employment Options During COVID-19

Finding ways to continue delivering services while subject to social distancing has led to the most significant changes to employment since the second World War. While being forced to work from home has had its challenges, the most difficult ones facing employers may be around what measures they need to take for their business to survive and how that impacts on retaining staff. read more

Notifiable Data Breach Scheme: 8 Weeks, 63 Notifications and One Facebook Scandal Later

The Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme commenced in Australia over eight weeks ago on 22 February 2018. Since then we have seen an ongoing issue with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica misusing personal information, as well as 63 data breach notices filed with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), as reported in their first quarterly report (OAIC Report) since the introduction of the NDB scheme. read more