Revised standards for Custodians and REs set to come into effect

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New standards for the responsible entities (REs) and custodians of managed investment schemes will come into effect on January 2, in line with some of the recommendations made earlier this year by the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Trio collapse.

It is the biggest revision to ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 133 (Managed investments and custodial or depository services: Holding assets) since it was first issued in 1998.  In issuing these new standards, ASIC seeks to address what it says are “the emerging risks and challenges presented by the major changes affecting the managed investment scheme and custodian industries”.

The changes to RG 133 and the associated Class Orders include:

  • Asset holders to meet minimum standards on organisational structure, staff capabilities, and resources.
  • Asset holders perform adequate checks to ensure any other asset holder it engages holds the property on trust.
  • Asset holders report within 10 business days if they suspect that the responsible entity has failed to report breaches to ASIC, as required by the Corporations Act.
  • Additional protections for investors in primary production schemes, including agribusiness schemes.
  • Responsible entities being allowed to hold certain types of assets, such as derivatives, private equity and certain types of bank accounts without meeting the relevant NTA requirements.

The changes will apply to newly established REs and other newly licensed asset holders from January 2, 2014.

Current REs will have to comply with the changes from January 2, 2015, along with current platform operators, licensed custodians and Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) operators.

Primary production and agribusiness schemes with interests on issue after January 2, 2014 have until July 1, 2014 to comply.

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