Social Media for Employers – Part Four: Things Staff Should Do

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This is the fourth in a five-part blog series designed to help employers understand, and then manage, their Social Media Risks.  The other blogs in the series are:

Social Media for Employers – Part One: What are Your Risks?

Social Media for Employers – Part Two: Managing Your Social Media Risks

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Social Media for Employers – Part Five: Things Staff Shouldn’t Do

In Part One of this series we outlined 10 social media risk scenarios that employers may face. We followed this up in Part Two explaining that the concept of a stand alone “Social Media Policy” is actually a misnomer and, that in order for such a policy to be effective, it must be part of a coordinated and properly documented human resources management strategy.  In Part Three we looked at issues employers may face when drafting a Social Media Policy.

Our conclusion in Part Three – Drafting a Social Media Policy was that by referencing key documents (e.g. the Employment Contract) and other policies (e.g. Email and Internet Usage Policy), the Social Media Policy can been streamlined and focus on its key deliverable which is to set out guidelines for what staff can and can’t do.

This blog (things staff should do) and Part 5 (things staff shouldn’t do) conclude our Social Media Blog Series.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are a lot of opinions out in cyberspace as to what people should do or shouldn’t do, in relation to social media in the workplace. Given this is an evolutionary space, Do’s and Don’ts commentaries tend to fall into the following categories:

Increasing Followers / Subscribers – For example in some don’ts lists it is emphatically stated  “Don’t” excessively link back to your own website. Others say things like “Do” post frequently.

Drafting a Social Media Policy – For example, some commentators say, do not develop a Social Media Policy without first understanding relevant state and federal laws.

What we are focusing on in Parts 4 and 5 are the types of Do’s and Don’ts that employers may wish to provide to their staff as guidance for their own social media usage.

To Get You Started Here are 10 Social Media Do’s Employers May Ask Staff to Follow

When using personal social media accounts, staff should ensure that they:

  • Do safeguard their own social media accounts with the highest security settings available so as to minimise the risk of unauthorised third party access;
  • Do think about their personal reputation, their employer’s reputation, and the reputation of their colleagues;
  • Do ensure their posts are not in breach of their employment contract, or may potentially constitute behaviour which may breach the duties outlined under their employment contract;
  • Do respect the privacy of their fellow staff members, the management and directors;
  • Do respect the privacy and confidence of other key stakeholders such as clients/customers, contractors, suppliers, investors, business partners, or other individuals or organisations, associated with their employer;
  • Do have regard to other relevant human resources policies published by their employer, such as Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying & Violence etc;
  • Do remember that their comments are public and could easily be reported or passed on by another person;
  • Do be prepared to defend their comments (to their boss, their colleagues, their family, their friends);
  • Do, if commenting on any matters related to their employer or their work in general, be transparent (e.g. use their own name, declare their interests);
  • Do, if commenting on any matters related to their employer or their work in general which can be linked back to their employer, make it clear that any views they express are their own and not those of their employer.

We hope that you have found this post valuable.  In our last post in the Social Media Blog Series we explore Social Media Don’ts Employers May Ask Staff to Follow.

As always if you have any comments and/or feedback with respect to our Social Media Blog Series we’d love to hear from you.

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