How This Complete Solution Works:

We have two separate software platforms that are designed to work together so you’re confident that your organisation is playing by the rules and can prove it.

The first is PolicyPlus, which is used to deliver content in the form of policies and procedures, online. Training and testing are built in to the system so you can train employees and then test their level of knowledge about things you need them to know.

Many of your policies and procedures will have tasks that need to be done in order to meet your obligations.

That’s where the second platform, Assurance, comes in to play.

Assurance captures the obligations or tasks that your organisation has. You can assign tasks to individuals, with deadlines, and track whether tasks are completed.

You can also assess risk, assign tasks, capture incidents and report.

Your reports might reveal areas where you need to go back and update your policies or procedures, triggering new training, tasks and reports.

The CompliSpace system evolves as your organisation evolves.

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