There has never been a more challenging time for NFPs.

Increased competition for funding, complex regulation that’s ever-changing, and public scrutiny are just some of the demands NFPs face. We give NFP’s peace of mind that you are meeting your obligations so you can focus on your mission.

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What We Do for Not-For-Profit Organisations

We help you have the required policies, procedures and governance frameworks in place to demonstrate that you are meeting your obligations as an NFP.

This means you can be confident that you’re doing the right thing by your staff and supporters while meeting your funding, legal and regulatory obligations.

We do this by providing a complete solution that includes:


We draft policies and procedures and customise them for your needs. We then monitor legal and regulatory changes to keep you up-to-date.


We provide an online platform to publish your policies in a central place. They’re searchable, version controlled and accessible by anyone you give permission to. You can train staff, assign tasks, assess risk, capture incidents and report.


We’re with you every step of the way. We know Compliance, Risk and Governance for NFP’s and have the expertise to make it work for you.

“I have been extremely impressed with the CompliSpace system and the service we have received during the implementation at BlueCHP. The Assurance system in particular addresses the specific regulatory needs of the community housing sector. Our governance infrastructure now gives us the confidence that we are meeting our compliance obligations and a great platform for continually improving our business.” 

Brian Murnane

“The CompliSpace platform not only addresses the specific housing sector requirements, but also provides a platform which is intuitive and an invaluable business management tool.” 

Adam West

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How does an NFP benefit from working with CompliSpace?

CompliSpace has developed a detailed Enterprise Risk Management Program specifically for the NFP sector based on the International Standard for Risk Management (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009). Our team will work with you to tailor the program to your specific risk profile, and help you to establish a framework to assist you to manage the Risk Management Process and ensure that information about risk is adequately captured and reported to be used as a basis for decision making and accountability at all relevant organisational levels. Integrated Risk Management functionality will give you the ability to:


  • Capture, rate and manage risks across a range of operational areas
  • Capture, allocate and track compliance obligations
  • Link the risk register to the relevant policies and procedures
  • Assign associated tasks relative to each risk and control to the appropriate person
  • Track compliance in a single place
  • Set appropriate reminders, notifications and escalations
  • Generate reports at operational, strategic and Board level
How does CompliSpace help CEOs and management teams?

CompliSpace works with NFPs to implement simple and sustainable solutions that provide peace of mind that regulatory requirements are covered and confidence that policies and procedures are correct, up to date, and effectively communicated to staff.

Clients have described CompliSpace as “A single source of knowledge” and as “Taking the dusty handbook from the shelf and bringing it to life for staff.”

How does CompliSpace help Board Members?

CompliSpace’s Boardroom Online and Governance policies assist Boards with the framework they require to comply with their governance requirements, tailored to their status as corporations or incorporated associations. This includes a secure section for Board papers, charters, conflicts registers and basic online training for Board members. 

Boards can track macro-level risks and the effectiveness of control measures from reports generated by the Assurance system, as well as tracking project risks and other ‘hot spots’.

How does CompliSpace help staff?

We get it, managing and keeping policies up-to-date is hard work! We take the pain out of ad-hoc policy review projects by assisting you with undertaking a gap-analysis and providing a library of best practice and legally compliant policies and procedures that we will assist you to review and implement in layers based on priority.

The biggest resource benefit to you is that we will be able to refocus your current efforts to tailoring the content as appropriate to the organisation rather than researching and drafting it from scratch. On an ongoing basis, we will help you maintain policies and procedures through our updates – this will again help your resources focus on the practical implementation of key policies at the staff level rather than trying to monitor and maintain policies in a manual or ad hoc way.

How does CompliSpace save NFPs stress?
  • Peace of mind and confidence –From knowing that you’re meeting your obligations, have a system to make sure you do what needs to be done, have a way to ensure staff are trained, you have a trusted partner to keep up with changes to the law and you have a way to prove your compliance
  • Save time – Because documents are stored in one place, are searchable and version controlled, there’s no more digging for answers or fielding questions on where things are
  • Save money – companies have halved their auditing costs and organisations have avoided hiring specialist staff, consultants or law firms
  • Efficiency – Incident reporting, complaints and compliments.
  • Evidence of compliance – is streamlined 
  • Preserve knowledge – Knowledge isn’t lost when someone leaves or is inaccessible. Anyone can get the answers they need at any time.
  • Accountability – Everything is measurable, trackable and reportable, so you know where you stand and can share that knowledge with staff, executives, the board and outside regulators
How does CompliSpace help with registration or accreditation requirements?

Our team can help you map the key information you need for registration/accreditation and upload it into our automated, assurance system. Nominated people will be sent automated reminders of their allocated tasks, which they will upload when complete. You can then have all of your evidence of compliance documents in one place – right on time for your audit. 

How does CompliSpace help with managing complaints?

An NFP’s reputation is critical to its survival. An effective complaints management system is the early warning system which can manage reputational risks before they do significant damage to the organisation. CompliSpace’s Complaints Handling program, built to ISO/AS 10002-2006, combines easily-captured, online feedback from clients, potential clients and other third parties, (as well as staff reporting verbal complaints made to them), and ensures that the right people see those comments and address them promptly. 

Included is a training module to assist all staff to respond effectively to any complaint and feedback they receive. Logged complaints and their management form the basis of easily-generated reports for operational, Board or registration purposes. 

What does a 'typical package' for an NFP look like?

There is no typical package when it comes to implementing a tailored governance, risk, compliance and policy management solution, but our recommendation to clients is to start small, with a focus on key drivers.

In our experience, key drivers tend to be ‘Enterprise Risk’ or ‘People Risk’.

Clients with a focus on ‘Enterprise Risk’ start with an Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance program that will help them identify and implement tools to manage risk and compliance from the top down. This usually includes registration or accreditation requirements, such as ACNC requirements, National Regulatory System for Continuity Housing or to specific Australian Standards such as AS 4801.

Clients with a focus on ‘People Risk’ tend to start with implementing programs to assist them with managing policies, procedures, risk and compliance obligations arising from Human Resources and Workplace Safety. We can integrate content from relevant Awards and enterprise agreements and set up an online safety incident notification, management and reporting system. 

Additional modules which assist with NFP needs include Complaints Handling and Privacy. 

How do I request a demo?

It’s easy to set up a demo. Simply email or call us and we’ll set up a time that works for you. 


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