Our Story

Co-founders, James Field and David Griffiths worked together as lawyers in private practice and as executive managers in an ASX 200 company.

James and David noticed;

Firstly, the way mid-market companies were trying to manage their legal and regulatory obligations was utterly inefficient. It didn’t make sense – businesses of every size were drafting policies about the same laws, and often policy-writers didn’t have the right resources and legal training.


Secondly, even though many businesses tried their best to comply with the law, those that didn’t have legally correct policies faced harsh consequences. In most cases, their policies lacked the detail a lawyer could provide or were simply out of date.

Their Solution

James and David were determined to help businesses understand and meet their compliance obligations, enabling them to focus on their core purpose. So in 2007, CompliSpace was born. Their idea was simple:
  • Translate complex legal and governance obligations into plain-English policies and procedures that can be customized for an organisation’s needs
  • Keep those policies and procedures up-to-date with changes in the law
  • Use technology to help organisations manage those policies and procedures, train staff, track actions, manage risk, capture incidents and prove compliance
  • And help make it work within organisations by providing specialist consulting when needed

“If I can’t do it and I’m a trained lawyer, then how is every business in Australia supposed to do it? I reckon we can do it and we will.”


Not long after James and David started work on CompliSpace, James was on the ferry describing the CompliSpace solution to another lawyer.


James explained how his team were creating customisable content for businesses and that they would ensure that content was always up to date with changes in the law.


The lawyer replied, “You can’t do that! It’s impossible to keep up with it all.” James said, “If I can’t do it and I’m a trained lawyer, then how is every business in Australia supposed to do it? I reckon we can do it and we will.”

Organisations are now free to focus on their core purpose.

The Result

Hundreds of organisations now:

  • Have the peace of mind that they’re meeting their legal and regulatory obligations
  • Are providing better service to their students, customers and staff
  • Are saving time and money on paperwork, re-registration and audits
  • And are free to focus on their core purpose

The Education Epiphany

It was 2012 and David was presenting at the Governance Institute in WA. In attendance was the bursar from one of the local private schools. At the end of the presentation, the bursar came up to David and said:

“Apparently, we need to speak to you.”

That bursar had learned about CompliSpace from one of his school council members. That council member also sat on the board of a CompliSpace charity client and he’d seen the value CompliSpace delivered. When the bursar saw that someone from CompliSpace was giving a presentation, he attended the event and requested a meeting. A couple of days later, David met with that bursar and the business managers from two other schools. He opened the meeting with a question:

“I’m here to present to you and show you what we do, but can you help me understand. You guys are schools and your focus is on teaching. What risk and compliance issues do you have?”

When they started describing their schools’ risk and compliance challenges, David instantly saw the complexity and significance of what schools were trying to deal with; and the risk they faced trying to protect students, staff and even their school registration. That small group became foundation Education clients. We soon found that schools in WA were not alone. Schools across Australia face increasing challenges, especially with new laws being introduced like child protection.

Our work in Education has taken our CompliSpace “Why” to a whole new level.