Meet the People & Culture Team

Image of Emma Stratton

Emma Stratton – People & Culture Manager

Emma is our People & Culture Manager here at CompliSpace. With over 15 years as a Senior Human Resources Professional, she has been successful in shaping and leading HR agendas that meet the needs and challenges of the organisation.

She is passionate about the power of people, and the positive impact which leading through people and culture can have on performance within an organisation.

Emma also has a range of experience gained through work in the Investment Banking, FMCG and Education sectors.

Image of Di

Di Spiers – Human Resources Operations Manager

Di is our HR Operations Manager responsible for the administrative aspects of HR in our organisation.  She has had over 20 years generalist experience covering most aspects of HR.   
Her early career was spent at one of the big 4 banks at their Headquarters in Melbourne and has been with CompliSpace since its inception.  To coin a phrase, she has seen it all!
She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University. 

Meagan Griffiths – Talent Acquisition Consultant

Meagan has a background in People & Culture, Publishing and Education and has a Bachelor Arts in Organisational Behaviour from Griffith University and a Master of Teaching from University of New England.

Whilst not actively in the classroom anymore, Meagan is inspired by the passionate people she works with who are all dedicated to making the educational landscape safe, meaningful and accessible for all students.  

With a desire to attract, hire and connect brilliant professionals with awesome in-house opportunities, provide  challenging and exciting career paths and nurture a culture of  innovation, collaboration and excellence so that our employees and our clients love what we do at CompliSpace.