Our Team

You’re certainly not going to find cookie cutter people at CompliSpace. 

Most of us have diverse backgrounds with careers that have evolved:

From lawyer to educator to journalist
From analyst/programmer to higher education coordinator to GRC consulting
From educator to sales
From rocket scientist to electronic trading specialist to new product development
From web producer to UX whiz
From youth worker to journalist, teacher, banker, risk manager to GRC&P consultant…

… what we have in common is a passion for innovation and making a difference. We thrive in a fast-growing environment and we thrive on working with the best of the best.


Meet the Co-Founders

Photo of James Field

James Field

Co-Founder and CEO

David Griffiths

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Meet the Team

Photo of Xenia Hammon

Madeleine McDonell

Head of Content Development

Photo of Cara Novakovic

Cara Novakovic

Legal Research Consultant

Photo of Rebecca Exley

Rebecca Exley

Legal Research Consultant

Photo of Lauren Osbich

Lauren Osbich

Legal Research Consultant

Photo of Kieran

Kieran Seed

Legal Research Consultant


Meet the Team


Photo of Johnathan Oliver

Jonathan Oliver

Senior Consultant




Photo of Svetlana Pozydajew

Svetlana Pozydajew

Senior Consultant




Photo of Deborah De Fina

Deborah De Fina

Head of Child Protection






Photo of Joanna Lamparski

Joanna Lamparski

Senior Consultant






Photo of Ben Chan

Ben Chan





Photo of Robert Seale

Robert Seale

Senior Consultant




Photo of Gianpaolo Zivoli

Gianpaolo Zivoli

Senior Associate






Photo of Shailin Hoque

Shailin Hoque





Photo of Sebastiaan Bush

Sebastiaan Bush

Senior Associate



Photo of Adrian Smith

Adrian Smith





Photo of Caitlin Galpin

Caitlin Galpin

Senior Associate




Photo of Caitlin Galpin

Simon Morrison






Photo of Claudia Howell

Claudia Howell





Photo of Mustafa Mahmood

Mustafa Mahmood





Photo of Sherry Green

Sherry Green

Client Relationship Manager







Photo of Joylene Leaney

Joylene Leaney

State Manager SA


Photo of Joylene Leaney

Mitchell Wood




Photo of Joylene Leaney

Joylene Leaney

State Manager SA


Photo of Christine Egglestone

Christine Egglestone

Senior Associate




Photo of Jack Kroning

Jack Kroning




Photo of Simon Hatch

Simon Hatch




Photo of Robert Walker

Robert Walker

State Manager QLD




Photo of Helen Sloan

Helen Sloan





Corporate & Financial Services

Meet the Team


Photo of Katharine Wilkinson

Katharine Wilkinson

Head of Financial Services


Photo of Kim Stirling

Kim Stirling

Senior Consultant

Photo of David Mahon

David Mahon

Senior Consultant


Photo of Rebecca Exley

Rebecca Exley

Legal Research Consultant


Photo of Rebekah Doran

Rebekah Doran

Senior Associate




Photo of Ross Pulido

Ross Pulido

Senior Consultant






Meet the Team


Photo of Courtney Turner

Rachel Partis

National Operations Manager


Photo of Courtney Turner

Courtney Turner

National Operations Manager


Photo of Shayan Khoshab

Shayan Khoshab

Product Manager – Assurance


Photo of Rik Taylor

Lisa James

Project Manager


Photo of Ruth Tharmalinkam

Ruth Tharmalinkam

Content Integration Manager


Photo of Khoa Bui

Khoa Bui

Business Systems Analyst




Photo of Georgina McQuade

Georgina McQuade

Operations Administration Officer



Photo of Rik Taylor

Nicola Inglis

Data Entry Officer




Meet the Team


Photo of Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson

Head of Technology & New Product Development

Photo of Burak Cankurtaran

Burak Cankurtaran

Senior Developer

Photo of Michael McHugh

Michael McHugh

Senior Development Consultant

Photo of Zack Yang

Zack Yang

Senior Systems Administrator

Photo of Lars Field

Lars Field

Front-End Developer

Photo of /Nauman Tariq

Nauman Tariq

Ruby on Rails Developer


Photo of Felix Dexter

Felix Dexter


Photo of Neha Sapra

Neha Sapra

Web Developer



Client Engagement

Meet the Team


Photo of Brendan Cholakian

Brendan Cholakian

Engagement Consultant

Photo of Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett


Photo of Priscilla Gorton

Priscilla Gorton

Head of Client Engagement


Sally Paling

Lead Generation Consultant

Photo of Jess Gunnings

Jess Gunning

Business Development Manager

Client Learning and Employee

Learning & Development

Meet the Team


Photo of Lori Ghezzi

Lori Ghezzi

Head of Learning and Development

Scott Anderson Allen

Senior Product Manager

Rochelle Bright

Client Learning Manager VIC/TAS

Julie Marsh

Client Learning Manager NSW/QLD


Sadish Kulasekere

Customer Success



Assistant of Stress Management

Marketing & Communications

Meet the Team



Photo of Karen Robertson

Karen Robertson

Head of Marketing


Matty Sirois

Digital Marketing Lead


Charlotte Harrison

Graphic Design & Marketing Coordinator






Organisational Infrastructure

Meet the Team


Photo of Debbie Nicholson

Debbie Nicholson

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Aileen Lin

Aileen Lin

Finance Manager


Photo of Olivia Ghobrial

Olivia Ghobrial

Senior Project Officer


Photo of Elizabeth Seale

Elizabeth Seale

Office Manager


Photo of Yu He

Yu He

Systems Engineer


Photo of Tim Huang

Tim Huang

ICT & Infrastructure Manager


People & Culture

Meet the Team


Photo of Emma Stratton

Emma Stratton

People & Culture Manager


Photo of Di Spears

Di Spiers

HR Operations Manager


Photo of Laura Heo

Laura Heo

People & Culture Coordinator


Photo of Meagan Griffiths

Meagan Griffiths

Talent Acquisition Consultant