If you provide one of the Designated Services defined in S6 of the AML/CTF Act you are required to implement either a standard, joint or special AML/CTF Program.  The law requires that AML/CTF Programs be documented and records must be kept of any variations to the program.

The requirement to take a risk based approach to AML/CTF assumes that organisations have risk, compliance, human resources and training programs in place. The CompliSpace AML/CTF Program Architecture works seamlessly with existing modules to assist clients meet their obligations in these areas.


  • AML/CTF Compliance Program.
  • Risk Assessment Processes
  • Employee Due Diligence Program
  • Ongoing Customer Due Diligence
  • Risk Awareness Training
  • Procedures for dealing with AUSTRAC
  • Additional KYC requirements
  • Reporting Obligations
  • Record Keeping Obligations

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