PolicyPlus provides you with a branded policy management platform through which CompliSpace content modules and associated training and testing material are delivered. PolicyPlus can act as your intranet or if you already have an intranet, the PolicyPlus content modules can link directly to your existing system.

PolicyPlus is built using an externally hosted, secure online content management system (CMS). This intuitive technology can be used by anyone with minimal training.

The flexibility of the site lets you add and integrate your own organisational content, policies and procedures into a centralised platform available to staff. Additional PolicyPluis programs can be added at any time, to provide a scalable site that grows and develops with your organisation.

It’s searchable and version controlled.

PolicyPlus offers the control of individual user accounts to log and report on activity. Publishing protocols protect your brand and content.


  • Intranet and Content Management System  (CMS)
  • Accessible to assistive technologies (i.e. Braille)
  • CompliSpace Helpdesk Support
  • Online training & testing
  • Staff Directory
  • Suggestion Box, + Much more

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