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Privacy Update: Mandatory Notification of Data Breaches

This paper explains one of the most important reforms since the introduction of the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in 2014 – the incoming federal Mandatory Data Breach Scheme – coming into effect February 2018.

Compliance with Current and Future Child Protection Laws – Embedding a Child Protection Culture. How can this be achieved?

James Field presented this paper at the ANZELA Conference in New Zealand in September, 2016.

The New Privacy Laws & Australian Privacy Principles Briefing Paper for Non-Government Schools

This Policy Management Maturity Self Assessment tool has been developed to assist organisations to identify the maturity of their policy management systems. Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be provided with a notional maturity rating. This survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Policy Management Maturity Self Assessment tool

CompliSpace has published ‘The Privacy Laws & Australian Privacy Principles: A Briefing Paper for Non-Government Schools’ detailing key requirements in the Privacy Act and the steps your school should take to ensure it is compliant with the new laws that came into force on March 12 2014.



Risk Management – Emergence, Obligations & What it means for Community Housing Providers

This article examines the emergence of risk management as the governance tool of choice for Australia’s regulators and the key challenges facing the Community Housing Sector in implementing risk management systems effectively. It provides an overview of the ISO AS/NZ 31000 International Risk Management Standard and asks ‘What does ISO 31000 mean for Community Housing Providers?

The Risk Management Challenge for Community Housing Providers

This article describes the risk hurdles facing community housing providers, provides 10 tips for developing a risk program that works and describes the benefits CHP’s will get from implementing risk management standard ISO AS/NZ 31000.