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Boarding Australia National Conference

CompliSpace Managing Director, David Griffiths, will present at the Boarding Australia National Conference on July 7, 2017.

Attend to hear stimulating keynote speakers and workshop presenters discuss initiatives that strengthen student engagement, foster participation and community connection, as well as contribute to academic achievement.

Date: 5-7 July 2017 

Location:  Sea World, Gold Coast

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Past Events

RG 259: RE Risk Management – Key Issues and Implementation Guidance

This workshop explained and explored ASIC regulatory guide 259, with a key focus on providing practical guidance on how to meet these new ASIC expectations. The practical workshop included:

  • How to draft and apply a risk appetite statement
  • What is meant by material risk
  • How to articulate and apply risk tolerance
  • Identifying material risks and controls, including stress testing and/or scenario analysis for liquidity risk
  • What are trends in this area overseas and how you can leverage their insights to your business.


AFSL RM Training


Health & Safety Webinar for NSW, VIC and WA.
Recordings coming soon.

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