CompliSpace "Most Innovative" for SafeTripBuilder

CompliSpace has been named in the AFR Most Innovative Companies List for 2020, for SafeTripBuilder, which solves the critical problem of helping schools manage excursion risk.

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Better excursion risk assessments...simply safer excursions!

Is Your School Taking Risks with Excursion Risk?

SES 52

of schools rate their excursion risk assessments as Fair, Poor or Very Poor.


of schools have no records of student and staff briefings and pre-departure procedures.


of schools do not undertake post-excursion debriefs.

Risk Hand

Excursion risk assessments must be done for each and every excursion to protect students, staff and your school reputation.

Why is Excursion Risk so Challenging?

Because excursion risk assessments are complex, time consuming and most often completed by teachers who aren’t experts in risk management.


of schools do not train their teachers on excursion risk management


of excursions require multiple amendments to risk assessments prior to approval.

Risk Hand

Teachers are most often responsible for developing these risk assessments, usually with only blank templates as guides.

Now There's a Way to Feel Confident with each Excursion Risk Assessment

SafeTripBuilder Delivers

Risk Assessments – that are consistent, comprehensive and easy-to-understand, in a format that teachers can take with them on excursions.

STB Risk Assessment

What is SafeTripBuilder?

It’s an online tool that combines Risk Content, intuitive Risk Management Workflow and Provider Due-diligence to produce excursion risk documentation that schools can feel confident about.

How it works

SafeTripBuilder provides the dynamic, key-risk checklist and policy controls that you need - for complete risk assessments.

Checklists – make the process easy. Simply tick them as you go, to ensure you’ve covered and documented everything. You can also add comments to capture key information when implementing the required controls.

Dynamic Policies – that are refined and generated to match the unique criteria of each excursion. No more reading pages and pages of generic policies. Each risk bundle includes a complete policy specific to your excursion that you can review when you want.

Easy to Use!

SafeTripBuilder guides teachers -of any experience or risk expertise level -step-by-step through the planned excursion. The system dynamically creates the checklists, policies and risk assessments based on the teacher’s risk profile selection for the excursion.

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The Result

Excursion risk documentation teachers and approvers need to keep students safer on every excursion.

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What are Schools saying?

"We know excursion risk is complex. Where we normally would have to provide and identify all of the controls for all of the excursions that we do at our school, SafeTripBuilder  has identified these for us."

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What Approvers / Risk Managers are saying?

“I can now trust that my teachers’ risk  assessments are at the same level of quality and detail. It’s such a relief to finally have confidence in this area of our excursions."

“Teachers and I are saving time and working better together since there is no more back-and-forth to get risk assessments right."

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What are Teachers saying?

“The guesswork is gone. Instead of worrying about whether I’m writing a risk assessment ‘correctly’, I simply make my selections for the excursion I’m planning and SafeTripBuilder ensures I don’t miss anything. So easy!"

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AFR Most Innovative

“Judges look at how valuable the problem is that the innovation is solving, the quality and uniqueness of the solution and the innovation’s level of impact." Click here to see SafeTripBuilder on the AFR Most Innovative List.

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