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Training: How to use the ACQSC’s Self-Assessment Tool to Assist Your Home’s Objectives, Re-accreditation Efforts and Manage Unannounced Visits

This video has been created from a training workshop provided to CompliCare clients about how to write a ACQSC Self-Assessment to facilitate:

> Achieving your home’s objectives

> Re-accreditation

> Unannounced visits

The video is presented by Ruth Green, Principal Consultant, Aged Care at CompliSpace.

Part 1

Runs from 0:00 - 20:07 (20 minutes)

Training: How to use the ACQSC’s Self-Assessment Tool to Assist Your Home’s Objectives, Re-accreditation Efforts and Manage Unannounced Visits

> The purpose of the Aged Care Quality Standards Self-Assessment tool from the ACQSC

> How to make the time you invest in this Self-Assessment pay off

> The common mistake managers make by focusing on systems and not risk

> Practical Tips and Tricks - using Standard 6 – “Feedback and Complaints” as an example

The proven framework that is your super power for ensuring you've got everything covered, can provide evidence and can demonstrate what’s required to assessors 

Part 2

Runs from 20:08-46:00 (25 minutes)

Demonstration: Training on how to use the CompliCare System for Writing your Self-Assessment and Use it for Your PCI

In this part of the video, Ruth showed CompliCare clients how to complete the Self-Assessment tool in the CompliCare system using Standard 6 (Feedback & Complaints) as an example.

> Location of content to covers what is needed

> Audit tools available for each Standard for the Self-Assessment

> Re-accreditation and using the Self-Assessment information 

> How to show information to an Assessor immediately

> Leveraging the online Self-Assessment for your PCI easily

How to instantly create 3 customised PCI reports for the Commission, your Board and your Executive Management Team

About CompliCare

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CompliCare is a one-stop solution that helps residential aged care providers simplify governance, risk, compliance and policy management so that they can focus on caring for residents. It delivers specialist aged care content through easy-to-use online tools.

You will be able to demonstrate that you have met your obligations and that you have firmly embedded compliance as an integral part of your organisational culture.

Policies and Procedures – that are kept up to date with changes in the law and best practice guidelines

Learning - mapped to policies and procedures to ensure staff understanding of requirements

Assurance – so staff do what’s required and data is sustainably captured and managed

Reporting – so you can show compliance and continuous improvement in an instant

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About CompliSpace

CompliSpace helps under-resourced organisations in highly-regulated industries get their governance, risk, compliance and policy management right, so that they can focus on their core business with confidence.

Our specialty is helping organisations manage new Standards and the outcomes from Royal Commissions.

We work with residential aged care facilities of all sizes - from a single facility with 24 beds to a residential aged care group with 7 facilities.

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