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We've created numerous resources to help you and your team understand excursion risk management.

Webinar Recording: School Excursions, a Risk but Essential Business

This 80-minute webinar provides an introduction to excursion risk management. Presented by three former school leaders and school compliance experts, you’ll learn:

  • Context: the issues and complexity of managing excursion risk

  • The Excursion Cycle: how is your school currently managing each part of the excursion process?

  • What does ‘best practice’ excursion risk management look like?

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School Governance Articles about Excursion Risk Management

  • Questions of Liability on Excursions - School, Staff and External Provider Liability - Read Here

  • Excursion Risks: External Provider Management Is Not External Provider Due Diligence - Read Here

  • Properly Considered Risk Assessments for Excursions: A Crucial Part of Excursion Risk Management - Read Here


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