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Product Overview - Whistleblower

Many schools, and school groups, are required to comply with whistleblower protections under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), with breaches of obligations carrying substantial penalties, the greatest being up to $1,050,000 for individuals and up to $10.5 million (or 10 per cent of annual turnover) for corporations.

On this page, you’ll find resources to help Schools understand and comply with the new Whistleblower protection laws.

These resources include:

  • School Governance Articles
  • Webinar Recording
  • Whistleblower Spec Sheet

We will be updating this resource page as more content is created. Keep reading to learn more and access these resources.


SG Articles

CompliSpace has written several articles for School Governance on the obligations that came into effect on 1 July 2019. They cover how these laws apply to schools, what you can start doing now to prepare, and why schools should have a program in place. Click below to read each.



Whistleblower Webinar

Due to the high number of questions that came in regarding the laws after they were passed in March 2019, James Field, Co-founder and CEO, presented a webinar on 7 May to address the new laws for schools. A recording of this webinar is available. 

Click here to request access.


Whistleblower Spec Sheet

CompliSpace has put together a document that discusses our Whistleblower program. This spec sheet goes over what you'll find within the module, and how it maps to PLAR, our 'policy to culture' journey for schools.

Click here to download the Spec Sheet.

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