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Now there’s a better way to do what you have to do, so you can focus on what you want to do.

The Problem We Solve

It was tough to watch. We saw great organisations, operating in highly-regulated industries, getting into trouble simply because they lacked the resources and expertise to meet their obligations for governance, risk, compliance and policy management (GRC&P).

We believe all organisations deserve to have the confidence and peace of mind that come with knowing they’re playing by the rules and have a sustainable GRC&P system.

What We Do

We simplify governance, risk, compliance and policy management for businesses, education providers and not-for-profits by providing a complete solution that includes:



A complete suite of customised policies and procedures for you to meet your industry’s compliance obligations. We keep them up to date with legal and regulatory changes.



An online platform to publish your content and manage your workflow. Policies are searchable, version controlled, accessible and linked to training. Workflows let you manage risks, assign tasks, capture incidents and report.



Our people are with you every step of the way. They have backgrounds in law, consulting, industry and the other side of the regulatory fence. We know GRC&P and how to make it work in your organisation.

How Does It Work?

Choose an industry to learn more:



We work with over 600 non-government schools across Australia and numerous Education Authorities.

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Financial Services

Financial Services

We’ve helped 90+ financial services companies manage their governance, risk, compliance and policy management obligations.

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From ASX Top 50 corporations to private businesses with fewer than 10 staff, we provide a scalable, cost-effective and practical way to manage GRC, so you can get on with business.

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Not For Profit


We help Not-For-Profits be confident that they’re doing the right thing by their staff and meeting their funding, legal and regulatory obligations.

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“CompliSpace provides a technological environment for the management of governance, risk and compliance across our group of schools. We now have confidence that our standardised policies, procedures and staff training are compliant with current legislative requirements. CompliSpace staff are knowledgeable, responsive and engaged, meeting our specific needs in a timely manner.”

Cheryl Smith, Organisational Development Manager
Anglican Schools Corporation, NSW

“CompliSpace has given me peace of mind that we are meeting our obligations, our staff are informed and safe, and that the value in our business is protected.”

Mark Tailby
Graphic Art Mart

“CompliSpace provides Anchorage Capital Partners with high quality governance infrastructure and professional services when required. System upgrades ensure that our policies are maintained and updated as legislation changes, thus assisting us in meeting our compliance obligations under our AFS license. We enjoy a beneficial association with CompliSpace, taking advantage of their regular workshops and working with them to tailor our program to our industry specific requirements.”

Anchorage Capital Partners

“As a rapidly growing small business we know that robust Human Resources and OH&S infrastructure will protect the value we have created in our business; provide us with the confidence to continue growing; and assist us in attracting and retaining the right staff. CompliSpace provides us with high quality policies and training and testing materials tailored to our business via an online intranet which our staff find easy to use. CompliSpace was implemented without interruption to our business and is already improving the efficiency of our team.”

Adrian Grocott, Managing Director
Express Glass

“CompliSpace is where everyone in our school goes for anything from a leave form to petty cash, from logging an incident to a compliment or complaint. We don’t have to track down a form in the staff room, we just click through and get it. We call it our ‘single source of truth.’”  

Kent Peters
Guildford Grammar School, WA

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Each organisation is unique. To explore how you can simplify the way you meet your obligations, just ask us.


What is governance, risk, compliance and policy management (GRC&P)?

Governance – Is how an organisation is controlled by the people who run the organisation. It includes establishing and following policies and procedures. Risk – the likelihood of something happening that will have an effect (usually an adverse effect) on achieving an objective. Compliance – how an organisation meets obligations required for it to be in business. GRC is a discipline for how an organisation runs. It includes internal and external components. P stands for Policy Management, which is a critical component of how an organisation runs. It includes content:

  • Accuracy – Are policies and procedures correct, complete and up to date?
  • Version control – Do you know which document is the most recent and correct?
  • Accessibility – Can anyone who needs to access a document access it?
  • Training – Are staff trained on it? Can you prove it?
GRC seems like such a big undertaking. Where do we start?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The CompliSpace team are committed to understanding your needs and designing a solution that’s right for you. Before a client signs on the dotted line, we work through a unique evaluation process designed to: 

  • Identify your current Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs – it’s important to know what’s working well and what isn’t!
  • Understand highest priorities and GRC goals
  • Identify key stakeholder priorities, roles and responsibilities
  • Quantify timeframes and available resources
  • Address specific requirements
  • Document a proposal with detailed recommendations

We want to make sure that CompliSpace is the right fit for you and will work with you to scope a project in line with your needs, budget and timeframes.

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance – our staff are sick of it! How can we make it simple?

Our clients tell us all the time that their staff experience “compliance fatigue”. Our view is that compliance doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Taking a simple, risk-based approach to compliance, rather than a compliance-for-compliance-sake approach will help you streamline compliance and ease the burden placed on your staff. CompliSpace can help you to make compliance work for your organisation and not the other way around. Our Compliance Program is built in line with the International Standard for Compliance Management Systems AS/ISO 19600:2015 and mapped to incorporate relevant key legal and regulatory compliance issues. We then help you to introduce appropriate risk-based controls and compliance tasks to ensure that you are meeting your legal and regulatory, organisational policy, and contractual obligations. As with all our solutions, we will continuously monitor for changes to key legal and regulatory compliance issues to assist you to keep up-to-date with your compliance requirements.

Can I customise policies and procedures to be specific to our organisation’s unique needs?

Yes. Our Editorial Team combines legal and industry experience to draft a comprehensive range of policies, procedures, risk assessment and control templates. Our team will assist you with customising documents to meet your needs. This includes adding and integrating your own content, policies and procedures so that you have ‘one source of knowledge’ within your organisation.

Given the pace of change, how will CompliSpace help us to manage legislation updates and policy maintenance?

Keeping policies and procedures up to date and alerting you to changes are unique parts of the CompliSpace service. We are on top of key legislative, accreditation, regulatory and best practice changes. We then update the relevant documents and alert you to the changes. You have control over publishing new content in your CompliSpace account. Documents are version controlled so you always know which version is the most up to date.

How will CompliSpace help us to produce meaningful management reports, including any areas of non-compliance, risk management and incident trend analysis?

CompliSpace provides tools that will enable you to quickly introduce multi-level reporting with the ability to drill down to specific risk, compliance, incident and operational areas. Other reporting features include:

  • Real-time and dashboard reporting on risk, compliance and incident management
  • Easy to use report functionality, including filters and drag and drop
  • Export functionality
How will CompliSpace support us?

Our team is focused on developing long-lasting partnerships with our clients. From evaluating your needs and designing a bespoke solution, to working with you to set up and embed at the coal face, to providing you with ongoing support, we are committed to ensuring that we make it work for your organisation. Our solutions uniquely combine content, technology and people to provide:

  • Detailed gap analysis of client material and integration as appropriate into new system
  • A dedicated project team that will identify and work towards clear milestones for flexible and efficient project management
  • Upskilling of staff on systems
  • Ongoing client relationship management and range of support tools
How do I request a demo?

It’s easy to set up a demo. Simply email or call us and we’ll set up a time that works for you. 


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