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Home Care Compliance Simplified

Elevate your service and care for older Australians. Achieve continuous compliance for your organisation by simplifying how you manage and navigate your obligations with the Aged Care Quality Standards.
  • Introduction

  • Policy Management

  • Service Delivery and Consumers

  • Worker Safety

  • Human Resources

  • Governance and Management



Ideagen CompliSpace delivers a flexible solution to Home Care services. Providing Policies, Staff Compliance Training, Data Capture, Compliance Actions and Reporting mapped to the Aged Care Quality Standards, our solution helps you to elevate the quality of your service for those in your care. 

Everything you need in one place

Digitise compliance actions and processes on the go:

  • Easily log and report issues 
  • Online access to workforce training 
  • Be assured you have most up-to-date policies and procedures

Policy Management

Elevate Your Approach to Policy Management

Transform your policy management practices with our program based on OCEG best practice guidelines. Our Policy Management Module contains a documented Policy Management Program, learning courses, and Assurance options, redefining how your organisation manages policies. 

We also provide policy content across key areas developed in line with the Aged Care Quality Standards, kept up-to-date as laws, regulations and standards change. This allows you to focus on delivering the best quality service to those in your care.

140+ Policies

We update over 140+ key policies areas covering laws, regulations, guidelines and codes so you don't have to.

Our content covers the different Aged Care Quality Standards, to help meet your requirements for the type of service you provide:

  • Service Delivery and Consumers
  • Worker Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Governance and Management

Service Delivery and Consumers

Service Delivery and Consumers

Ensure you are providing the best service and care by equipping your workforce with the latest policies, training and tools. Covering the Aged Care Quality Standards 1-4, including: 

  • Care and services planning and delivery
  • Personal and clinical care policies
  • Consumer Dignity and Choice
  • Communicating with Consumers
  • Medication management
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Other key areas of compliance and requirements

Worker Safety

Manage Safety Requirements for Your Workforce

Monitor and manage your key workplace risks and hazards, creating a safer environment for your workers. Know and understand the risks and equip your workers with the knowledge and tools to log incidents and capture essential information. Developed to suit your jurisdictional requirements, our Worker Safety Module covers compliance with Aged Care Quality Standard 5 and WHS laws:

  • Risks, hazards and incident management
  • Requirements across WHS/OHS
  • Critical incidents
  • Injury Management and return-to-work

Human Resources

Manage the Full HR Lifecycle in Your Organisation

Equip your organisation with policies, procedures and forms across the full HR lifecycle. Understand the awards applicable to your workers and their entitlements, from home care workers to nurses. Helping home care providers comply with the requirements of Aged Care Quality Standard 7:

  • Leave entitlements of your workforce 
  • Awards and National Employment Standards
  • Rostering and shifts
  • Discrimination and Harassment


Governance and Management

Set your organisation up for success

Streamline how your organisation navigates governance and management with key policies, procedures, forms, registers and tools across:

  • Clinical Governance
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Managing feedback and complaints, including Open Disclosure
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Policies and procedures to support your management and governance

Support your management team and create systems for continuous improvement.


Navigate Your Obligations

Access our free guide for clarity on your reporting requirements:

  1. Understand Organisational and Clinical Governance: Simplify the complexities of your obligations.

  2. Decode Assessor Expectations: Gain insights into what assessors are looking for during evaluations.

  3. Navigate Unclear Guidance: Learn strategies for managing obligations when official guidance falls short.

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Transform compliance in your organisation

Ensure compliance with the latest regulations and standards. Create a compliance solution fit-for-growth and tailored to your specific needs


E-Learning for everyone in your organisation, from your workforce, to contractors, and executive management

Equip your workforce with on-the-go compliance training across our Modules, including quizzes and awards, third party content, or your own training courses.



Enable better decision making

Equip your workforce and management with the key forms, registers, and tools to capture essential compliance information. Gain oversight and elevate your risk management strategy with systems and tools to monitor and continuously improve your compliance operations.



Set the stage for continuous improvement

Single-point data capture across our content for informed decision making. Keep records of policies with version control, learning history, and reports to track and trend your data.

Compliance (Aged Care)

Built for you

Created for home care providers

Mix and match content and build a solution fit for the unique requirements of your organisation. Grow to scale with a solution that evolves as your organisation's needs change.

Our mission is to make compliance simple and stress-free

We help small and large home care providers alike maintain compliance with the click of a button
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Digitising Aged Care Compliance

Centralise your compliance. With Ideagen CompliSpace, all data is captured and maintained in a single point to delivering unparalleled reporting capability. Ideagen CompliSpace gives you:
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Best Practice

Best practice content kept up to date with changes in law by the Ideagen CompliSpace team of experts - ready for Providers to review, approve and distribute

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With Ideagen CompliSpace, you can be confident that you have the tools to know and understand the Aged Care Quality Standards

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Gain accuracy and flexibility at all levels with a simple click - even if you manage multiple services

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Our team helps bring software and content to life. We bring wealth of experience in aged care to provide you with tools and content fit for your organisation

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