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Ensure you understand what you need to do.

Our CompliLearn staff learning platform maps training to your organisation's policies, ensuring your staff understand and apply policies to their roles and daily decisions.

All professional learning, managed in one place

Transform your professional development days and induction processes by placing them in one, easy-to-access spot.
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Finally a way to deliver, manage and report on staff learning in one spot

  • Assign, track and report on your own staff learning, 3rd party learning or CompliLearn content
  • Create and publish your own learning, testing and awards
  • Provide targeted, role-based learning – staff, leaders, boards, contractors and volunteers
  • Provide easy access to your information sessions for absent or part-time staff
  • Provide manager-direct learning or self-direct learning

The Learning Platform

A single place where you can access everything you need to help your staff PD needs.
  • Central -Upload and manage your own training, CompliLearn content or third-part content

  • Streamlined -Assign, track and report staff PD and key staff communication

  • Reportable - individuals have their own secure logins, and you get a detailed audit log on learning

  • Curated - content curated by the  CompliSpace team of industry experts and our learning partners. 

With the CompliSpace learning functionality, in 10 minutes we can turn weekly Quality Standards briefing emails into a learning item that we can assign and track that staff have read.

Tara Oldham
Director of Care and Quality, Lyrebird Village

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