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Better excursion risk assessments... simply safer excursions

SafeExcursions is a powerful excursion risk management tool, combining risk and policy content, intuitive workflow and provider due diligence to produce excursion risk documentation that teachers, principals and the school community can feel confident about.

Why Safe Excursions ?

We know that students greatly benefit from experiential learning opportunities, such as sport days or trips outside the school grounds, but the burden of completing and approving excursion risk assessments holds many educators back.

of schools rate their excursion risk assessments as Fair, Poor or Very Poor.


of schools have no records of student and staff briefings and pre-departure procedures.


of schools do not undertake post-excursion debriefs.


of excursions require multiple amendments to risk assessments prior to approval.

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With SafeExcursions, 78% of excursions are planned and approved within 24 hours.

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St Mary of the Angels
SafeExcursions lets teachers spend their time focusing on planning education outcomes and thinking about how they will manage the risks, rather than fretting over the specifics of a correct risk assessment.

Fiona Byrnes
Compliance & Risk Officer, St Mary of the Angels Secondary College

SafeExcursions has brought consistency and confidence to the school and put an end to paper-chasing.

Janene Rikamanis
Risk & Compliance Administrator, St Columba Anglican School

Feel Confident with every Risk Assessment

SafeExcursions creates risk assessments that are consistent, comprehensive and easy-to-understand, in a format that teachers can take with them on every excursions. 

SafeExcursions includes an always-growing risk manifest featuring 280+ selections in the categories of accommodation, transportation, venues, activities, food and beverages, and high-risk medical conditions.

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What do you need a
Risk Assessment for?

We provide content across a variety of compliance categories including:
  • Sports
  • A visit to the local park
  • Overnight Trips
  • Museums
  • Sporting Carnivals
  • International Excursions
  • Zoos
  • Interstate Trips
Australian Financial Review Boss

An Award-winning Methodology

“Judges look at how valuable the problem is that the innovation is solving, the quality and uniqueness of the solution and the innovation’s level of impact."

Ideagen CompliSpace was named in the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list in 2020 for SafeTripBuilder, our risk engine inside SafeExcurisions. Click here to see SafeTripBuilder on the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list.



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