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About the GRC IMPACT Series

Influence, Mitigate, Policy, Assurance, Culture, Trust

GRC IMPACT is our new series of workshops and seminars brought to you by the Ideagen CompliSpace Professional Services Team. Whether you're looking to delve into relevant compliance practices in your industry, or upskill and enhance your knowledge of Ideagen CompliSpace tools, these sessions have something for everyone.


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Meet the team

Professional Services Headshot Pink Circle - Deanne Cannizzaro


Head of Professional Services and Project Delivery

As the Head of Professional Services and Project Delivery, Deanne leads the dynamic and talented team responsible for delivering the various projects across our broad industry and product portfolio. Deanne is committed to supporting customers on their transformative journeys through a blend of consulting expertise and quality service delivery. She is passionate about empowering clients with innovative solutions and using Ideagen technologies as an enablement tool for driving strategic initiatives and supported data informed decision-making. Prior to Ideagen, Deanne worked in education with extensive leadership experience in both Australian and the UK. She has a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, Master of Leadership and is in the final stages of her PhD.

Professional Services Headshot Pink Circle - Jonathan Oliver-1


Principal Consultant

Jonathan Oliver is a seasoned Principal Consultant who brings a wealth of experience to the realm of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) at Ideagen. His multifaceted career spans diverse sectors, each contributing to his holistic understanding of organisational dynamics. Jonathan has served as a solicitor, compliance advisor and legal guide in both private practice and community legal centres. Transitioning to the education sector, Jonathan donned various hats as a teacher and more recently, as a Business Manager leading operational excellence and aligning strategy with execution. Jonathan found his niche at Ideagen, where he serves as the go-to risk and compliance specialist. His mission? To fortify organisations against pitfalls and uncertainties. He distils complex GRC matters into actionable steps, empowering decision-makers to steer their ships confidently.

Professional Services Headshot Pink Circle - Michelle Graham-1


Lead Consultant, Aged Care

With a diverse background that encompasses Defence Aviation Systems, Primary Industries, and, most notably, Aged Care, Michelle brings a unique blend of skills and knowledge to her role as Lead Consultant at Ideagen CompliSpace. With her career at Ideagen spanning over five years, Michelle has established herself as a trusted expert in GRC within the industry. Her commitment to ensuring the highest standards of governance and compliance has made her an invaluable resource for clients seeking to navigate complex regulatory landscapes. Having honed her skills in the demanding arena of Defence Aviation Systems, Michelle seamlessly translates her experience into the Aged Care sector: her ability to navigate challenges and implement effective solutions has earned her recognition and respect among her peers.

Professional Services Headshot Pink Circle - Adam Bertwistle-1



Adam is a Consultant and Project Manager, based in Brisbane. Adam has been with Ideagen for over four years, working closely with a wide range of customers across our education, aged care, financial services, commercial and not-for-profit sectors. His experience working across multiple industries has given him the ability to consider all the variables at hand, as well as share scenarios with customers that they may not be familiar with.  Adam partners with our customers by combining content and technology; tailoring solutions that work best within a customer’s existing structures, which can grow with them into the future. He has a strong interest reporting outcomes and is a specialist within the Ideagen CompliSpace Assurance platform. Adam holds a Bachelor of Business from the Queensland University of Technology, majoring in Finance. As a part of this degree, Adam also completed an Empirical Finance Extension, which has helped him with taking an analytical approach to the problems he solves with customers.

Professional Services Headshot Pink Circle - Laura Reynolds-1


Consultant, Instructional Design

Laura Reynolds is an Instructional Design Consultant, based in Sydney. Laura has a strong background in Educational Design. She is a qualified teacher with almost 10 years of teaching experience in schools in the UK and Australia. Her experience in academic management, course design and curriculum-related compliance includes her time as Director of Studies at the world’s largest private ELICOS provider and as a Course Coordinator at the University of New South Wales, where she played a key role in rapidly redeveloping Academic English and Experiential Learning courses for delivery online during the COVID-19 pandemic. She holds a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma of English Language Teaching to Adults (with an ELT Management Specialism) and is currently working towards a Master of Education and Leadership, specialising in Professional and Organisational Learning, at UTS. Laura is passionate about designing engaging and purposeful training experiences that inspire and assist learners to achieve their goals and set them up for future success.

Professional Services Headshot Pink Circle - Joylene Leaney


Principal Consultant

Joylene specialises in utilising the Ideagen CompliSpace platforms for risk, compliance and change management. Her experience includes system development, project management, system implementation as well as data management and reporting. She is interested in developing and implementing practical solutions through systems and automation to capture evidence of compliance. Joylene has worked across several sectors including mining, retail, banking and both secondary and higher education in systems development, data and system management. She spent eight years working with blue chip companies such as BHP, Mt Isa Mines, Unisys and Citibank developing code and implementing commercial systems. She then spent over a decade in both secondary and higher education, managing internal systems and data for internal and government reporting and over the past eight years has worked with and continues to work with independent schools nationally in a consulting capacity to implement policy management and compliance systems. Joylene’s experience can be utilised by any schools considering their risk and compliance obligations, change management and productive utilisation of the Policy, Assurance and Learning systems to assist with compliance and best practice.

Professional Services designed for you

Transform your compliance and risk management with Ideagen CompliSpace as your trusted partner. Supported each step of the way, we deliver bespoke consulting and professional services across the Education, Aged Care, Corporate, Financial Services, and Not-for-Profit sectors.
Find the right bespoke services to upskill and meet the unique requirements of your organisation.

Select from a range of services including:

Unlock the full potential of your organisation

From initial setup to ongoing support, get the most out of your investment with solutions tailored to your organisation's needs and objectives.
Module and Content Support - Grey
Module and Content Support

Discover the untapped potential and maximise the value of the modules and content you have invested in.

Platform and System Training - Grey
Platform and System Training

From initial setup to ongoing support, get the most out of your platform and system investment.

Bespoke Consulting Packages - Grey
Bespoke Consulting Packages

We work closely with you to develop customised consulting packages that address your specific needs.

Elevate your performance

Whether you need assistance with platform setup, human resources (HR), fraud and corruption, business continuity or something else, we are here to support you.
Ideagen CompliSpace - Professional Consulting Services - Platform Training

Maximize the Potential of Your Platform Investment

With our additional platform training services, we empower your team to unlock the full potential of your investment. Elevate their knowledge and skills, ensuring your business operates at peak efficiency.

Ideagen CompliSpace - Professional Consulting Services - Organisational Privacy Audits

Ensure Compliance and Protect Sensitive Data

Privacy regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Don't risk non-compliance! Our expert consultants conduct thorough organisational privacy audits, providing you with valuable insights and recommendations to protect your sensitive data. Rest easy, knowing that your business is fully compliant.

Ideagen CompliSpace - Professional Consulting Services - Risk Management

Stay One Step Ahead of Potential Risks

Risk management is a critical aspect of any successful business. With our customised risk management and compliance consulting solutions, we help you proactively identify and mitigate potential risks. Our tailored presentations and bespoke consulting services guide you towards effective risk mitigation strategies, ensuring compliance throughout your organisation.

Ideagen CompliSpace - Professional Consulting Services - OHS WHS

Create a Safe and Healthy Workplace Environment

Workplace health and safety (WHS/OHS) should never be compromised. Our tailored consulting services assist you in meeting your legal obligations and fostering a culture of safety. Ensure a safe and healthy work environment for your employees, enhancing productivity and reducing unnecessary risks.

Ideagen CompliSpace - Professional Consulting Services - Privacy

Build Trust Through Privacy Compliance

Safeguard your customers' privacy and build trust with stakeholders by complying with privacy requirements. Our consultants are experts in privacy compliance and will guide you in meeting industry regulations. Protect your reputation and demonstrate your commitment to privacy.

Ideagen CompliSpace - Professional Consulting Services - ESG

Embrace Sustainable and Responsible Practices

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) is a growing concern for businesses worldwide. Our specialised ESG consulting services help you align your operations with social and environmental goals, fostering sustainability and responsible business practices. Differentiate yourself as a socially and environmentally conscious organisation.

Ideagen CompliSpace - Professional Consulting Services - Emerging Legislation

Stay Ahead of Emerging Legislation

New legislation, such as harassment and psychosocial hazards, can have significant implications for your business. Our expert consultation services ensure you are well-prepared to implement and comply with these emerging regulations. Stay ahead of the curve, demonstrating your commitment to ethical standards and employee well-being.

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