School Governance

Published by CompliSpace Media, School Governance is the Australian school sector’s leading news and information source on issues related to governance, risk management, compliance and policy management. Visit here

Excursion Risk Management Webinar Series

What school leaders and teachers need to know about managing excursion risk. Learn More

School Risk Webinar Series 

Free webinars and resources to help school leaders and boards understand and manage key risks in schools. Learn More

Top Operational and Strategic Risks for Schools in 2020 

This resource provides schools with a risk management perspective on the many changes and challenges that schools face now and into the future. Learn More

Briefing Papers

CompliSpace has created multiple briefing papers on Child Protection, School Registration, Overseas Students, Complaints Handling, WHS/OHS, Privacy and more. Click here to check them out. 

Managing Social Media Risks in Schools

This white paper is designed to assist school leaders with understanding and managing their social media risks. Learn More

Boarding Resources

On this page, you’ll find resources we’ve used to help Boarding Schools across Australia to understand how to manage risk and comply with the National Boarding Standard. Learn More

Whistleblower Resources

On this page, you’ll find resources to help Schools understand and comply with the new Whistleblower protection laws. Learn More

Overseas Students Resources

On this page, you’ll find resources we’ve used to help Schools, who are CRICOS-registered providers of education services to overseas students, understand how to manage overseas student risk and compliance with the National Code. Learn More

Risk Maturity Survey

This 3-minute survey is designed to determine the level of risk maturity at your school. Take the Survey

Child Safe Organisations Podcast

CompliSpace and Bravehearts have partnered to create a podcast series about the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. The National Principles reflect the 10 Child Safe Standards recommended by the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Royal Commission). Learn More

Aged Care Essentials Blog

This site provides practical ways to meet the Aged Care Quality Standards as well as articles about governance, risk and compliance for residential aged care - in plain English!

You will also find resources such as briefing papers, webinars and links to other resources by trusted industry organisations and leaders. Learn More

Aged Care Law Monitor 

Quarterly report for boards and executives that summarises key legal, regulatory and compliance changes that affect the residential aged care industry. Learn More

Aged Care Impact Report – One Year On

In one year, Residential Aged Care providers have faced a Royal Commission and a pandemic. What has been the impact? We surveyed managers of Residential Aged Care facilities to find out. Learn More

Guide on How to Meet the Aged Care Quality Standards

Aged Care Essentials (ACE) has laid out what you need to know in this one, easy-to-follow Aged Care Compliance Guide. Learn More

“Gaps in Infection Control” Webinar Recording

Understanding the Gaps in Infection Control Plans that can put Residential Aged Care Facilities at Risk. Learn More

COVID-19 Regulatory Changes - dynamic tracking site

CompliSpace has put together the following matrix of legislative and regulatory changes, best practice resources, and advice from regulators and government departments to ensure that your organisation has the most up-to-date information regarding your obligations regarding the prevention and management of COVID-19 outbreaks. Learn More

"An Essential Guide to Standard 8 and Governance, Risk and Compliance for Residential Aged Care Boards"

Request the webinar recording, slides and suggested resources from this webinar created for residential aged care Boards and Management Teams.  Learn More 

Simple List of COVID-19 Resources for Aged Care Providers

Information overload? Finding it hard to keep track of all the coronavirus / COVID-19 guides, news, rules and advice? Here is a condensed version of our updated full Resources List, listing key coronavirus / COVID-19 resources. Learn More

Self-Assessment Tool - Video Training

This video has been created from a training workshop provided to CompliCare clients about how to write a ACQSC Self-Assessment to facilitate: achieving your home’s objectives, re-accreditation and unannounced visits. Learn More

Webinar for Aged Care Boards and Management Teams: Demonstration of How to Simplify Compliance with Standard 8.  Dec 15 2020

This webinar provides a practical discussion and demonstration.   Register for the Webinar

GRC for Executives Blog

Timely articles related to Governance, Risk and Compliance topics in the Commercial, Corporate and Not-For-Profit spaces. Learn More

Whistleblower Resources

On this page, you’ll find resources to help your organisation understand and comply with the new whistleblower protection laws. Learn More

Briefing Papers

CompliSpace has created multiple briefing papers on Complaints Handling, WHS/OHS, Privacy and more. Learn More