CompliLearn for Schools

Managing staff learning can be tough - from finding courses you can trust to tracking who has completed each course. 

CompliLearn solves both of these challenges.

It's an online staff learning system that includes access to curated professional learning content for school staff.

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What is CompliLearn?

CompliLearn is a staff learning system (SLS) with curated learning content for teachers, school staff, leaders and boards.n Up for a Free Account

For Schools: Gain complete control over managing your staff learning. As a staff learning system, the CompliLearn SLS lets you publish your own content and access curated professional learning content. 

The CompliLearn SLS lets you publish, distribute, track, manage and report on all staff learning from one central location.  It can be set up quickly and is easy to use.

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For Individuals: Access free courses and learning items from some of Australia’s most reputable and trusted organisations. View the entire CompliLearn Catalogue and start learning with 100+ free learning items by signing up for a free Individual Explorer Account now.

CompliLearn as a School's Staff Learning System (SLS)

It takes time to coordinate your own training content as well as third-party learning content. Add in managing your own staff learning days, induction days, off-site events and online courses (and keeping a record of everything) it’s complicated!

The CompliLearn SLS lets you track and manage every aspect of staff learning in one place, online. 

  • Upload and publish any learning content – your own, third-party or CompliLearn content
  • Create your own courses and learning content with testing
  • Targeted role-based training
  • Easy access for staff – laptop, tablet and mobile friendly
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Centralised reporting
  • Credentialing and professional learning tracking

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CompliLearn's Curated Content

It's time-consuming to find online learning you can trust. Now it's easy.

Curated by educators for educators, the CompliLearn professional learning content is mapped to APST Standards (where relevant) and categorised by state (where appropriate). And it includes learning content from some of the most trusted organisations in Australia.

    • Learning content is organised into Learning Lists - categorised in a way that makes sense 
    • Each Learning List has free content you can assign, track and report on when a school is subscribed to CompliLearn 
    • There are 100+ free learning items available now (sign up for a free Individual Explorer Account to explore these
    • Subscribe to a Learning List to unlock premium learning content within that List for your school 

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Sources of Learning

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How Might You Use CompliLearn for Your School Staff?

  • Streamline your staff induction process to ensure consistent outcomes

  • Create role-based learning (e.g. for volunteers, contractors, casual sports staff)

  • Communicate important information to staff (and receive an acknowledgement)

  • Record and share internal presentations so that no one misses out

  • Enhance teachers' access to professional learning content (APST, AITSL)

  • Professional learning for board members and governors (NESA Accredited Courses)

  • Supplement First Aid and Anaphylaxis learning for all staff

  • Build bespoke child protection courses for Child Protection Officers and staff

  • Record all staff learning in one place (including face-to-face learning)

  • Compliance training and policy reinforcement (e.g. Privacy, Conflicts of Interest, Codes of Conduct)

  • Manage replacement teachers' induction

  • Target professional learning to individuals or specialised learning groups

How will CompliLearn Transform Staff Learning in Your School?

It improves staff satisfaction because:
  • It saves teachers’ time with easy access to quality learning content
  • It gives staff flexibility - as they can learn anytime and anywhere
  • Staff can choose self-directed learning in addition to completing manager-assigned learning
  • The range of content includes staff wellbeing and important soft skills 
  • Courses can be developed into recognised awards or miro-credentials
It improves staff learning administration because it's easy to: 
  • Track and report on who has completed each course (including internal presentations)
  • Induct new staff, contractors or volunteers off site
  • Share important communications or information with staff and track that they have consumed it
  • Share information or professional learning resources with staff who are absent or don't work on a particular day
  • Track teachers' accreditation status so that you are not at risk of employing an unaccredited teacher   
It saves your school money because it:
  • Replaces some face-to-face professional learning with online 
  • Decreases the number of relief teachers you need to organise and budget for
  • Saves money on travel

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