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Case Study

How CompliSpace Helps Bethel Christian School Show Ongoing Compliance with Registration Standards


Bethel Christian School

The School’s implementation of CompliSpace Education has vastly improved policy and incident management. This has become a catalyst for cultural change. Policy and practice are now closely aligned, thereby reducing many risks. Bethel, and in particular their Principal, Mim Butler, have embraced the CompliSpace solution and have implemented our Policy site and Assurance faster than any WA client school to date.



Bethel Christian School was established in 1981, with its mission being, “Bethel Christian School is to equip students for life, in a safe environment where Christ is honoured”. The school was opened to reinforce the partnership between the school, the family and the church, and this is still their priority today. The school currently has approximately 360 students from K–12. Their senior secondary program commenced in 2019. Bethel Christian School has developed a good reputation amongst the wider Albany community, through its involvement in various academic, sporting, music, arts and civic activities.

The School firmly believes in the untapped learning potential of every student. They are committed to providing a safe and caring environment where maximum learning can occur on a daily basis. They believe in multiple intelligences. In other words; every child has many unique, sometimes undiscovered, gifts and qualities. These talents are recognised, encouraged, supported and developed by a caring network of teachers and educational assistants strategically placed around them and in partnership with their parents/carers. Bethel Christian School has a thriving community which upholds the values of integrity, friendship, forgiveness, hard work and Christian character.

Bethel Christian School engaged CompliSpace to help bring consistency and transparency to the way it managed its policies, risk and compliance. They were looking for a single source of truth to ensure that all staff knew where their policies could be found and that the policies were regularly updated, ensuring ongoing compliance.



CompliSpace worked with Bethel Christian School to implement CompliSpace Education, which included:



Policy site for policy content and management.


Learning Management System

To manage and track compliance training, staff induction and professional development.



For incident reporting, hazard and risk management, task management, compliance reporting and more.

The School’s investment in CompliSpace Education resulted in consistency and transparency in the way they managed their policies and procedures. Staff know all policies and procedures can be accessed from our Policy site and that policies and procedures are regularly updated for ongoing compliance.

The School now has easy access to risk and compliance related content covering:

  • Compliance
  • Privacy
  • Risk Management
  • Student Duty of Care
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Child Protection



Policy Site

Before implementing the Policy site, Mim explained that policies were stored in numerous places at the school – from the website, to the hard copy handbook, to paper copies in files in the staff rooms or to staffs’ own hard drives. This created confusion among staff about where to find policies and uncertainty about which policies were the most updated versions.



Prior to the Assurance implementation, the school relied on paper-based forms and the process was cumbersome, with limited reporting and analysis capabilities.

Bethel have used the Assurance system to move a number of these paper-based forms to online forms, including their:

  • Safety Incident Form
  • Report a Hazard Form
  • Permission Forms
  • Maintenance Request Forms
  • Staff Leave and Absence Forms
  • Complaint Forms

This enables staff to access these online forms via their mobiles and laptops, and for management to run reports and identify trends from information gathered.



Mim has found the reporting function of the Assurance platform to be very helpful. The reports provide the information she needs for staff, management, committee and Board reports.


Learning Management System

Mim’s staff are using the Learning Management System to complete policy and procedure training. Training has been provided via this management system throughout the course of the implementation period in staff learning meetings and on teacher training days. The Staff have also been given access to and support with individual professional learning offsite, enabling continuous improvement.

Staff have undertaken or will be undertaking numerous online training sessions regarding Compliance with a particular focus on Child Protection, WHS, and Privacy.



"CompliSpace have helped us by streamlining our policy management by providing both up-to-date and easy-to-understand policy content as well as a management system that allowed us to upload our own school-specific content. Our School is now able to confidently provide evidence of ongoing compliance with registration standards and other requirements. ”

Mim Butler,

Principal, Bethel Christian School.


"Bethel Christian School, and in particular Mim Butler their Principal, has been an amazing new client. They have embraced our Policy platform and quickly commenced integration of Assurance to ensure that they embed the P-LAR process (for creating a compliance culture) within the School. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with."

Penelope Wakefield,

CompliSpace Consultant.


"The Assurance system is easy to use and has been embraced quickly within our small school. I can now have a quick, clear view of any incidents –past and present –and access the documentation I need. No more digging through filing cabinets or searching digital files. And I can pull the reports I need in seconds. Having the system adopted so well by our staff has meant that I save time finding and sharing information with staff and parents. ”

Mim Butler,

Principal, Bethel Christian School.


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