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CompliSpace Aged Care Workforce Report

This A Perfect Storm: What’s Driving Australia’s Aged Care Staffing Crisis report asks for the first time what our dedicated aged care workers want, whether they intend to stay or leave the industry, and the reasons why.
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Aged Care

What's in the Report?

We surveyed more than 1,000 aged care workers nationally, this snapshot of the Aged Care sector in 2021 shows poor pay, stress and excessive paperwork are the top three reasons why Australia is on the verge of an aged care staffing crisis.

Who's behind the report?

CompliSpace is a leading SaaS provider that helps high impact organisations in highly regulated industries meet their governance, risk and compliance obligations. CompliSpace provides services across the aged care, education, not-for-profit and corporate and financial services sectors. 

CompliSpace is also the publisher behind Aged Care Essentials (ACE), a free weekly online publication focused on helping Aged Care Providers understand their ever-changing and ever-increasing regulatory and compliance obligations.

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