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Does Your School Need a Dedicated Risk Manager?



Elevating your schools compliance

Managing compliance in schools is increasingly challenging, especially with limited budgets and constrained resources.

Our latest annual workforce report reveals that over half of the educational workforce recognises the urgent need for significant improvements in risk and compliance systems.

Amidst these constraints many schools are asking themselves a crucial question:

Are we truly managing our compliance effectively, or are we merely scraping by?


Regardless of where your school stands, there is always room for enhancement.

In our comprehensive new guide, we delve into key areas:

  • Understand why risk management can’t live in isolation without compliance.
  • Explore the serious implications of non-compliance, including potential litigation, health and safety breaches, and talent retention issues.
  • Determine if your school's administrative workload warrants the implementation of a dedicated risk manager.
  • Utilise our interactive checklist to evaluate your organisation's risk and compliance status effectively.
  • Even with limited resources, discover what practical strategies you can take to enhance your risk and compliance management.
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