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Case Study

How CompliCare Helps Orana Gardens with Comprehensive Policies, Procedures, Learning, and Quality Assurance


Orana Gardens - Dubbo, NSW

I have had the pleasure of working with CompliSpace over the past few months. Their CompliCare product is a much needed addition to the organisation and provides a comprehensive, current and relevant platform for policies, procedures, quality assurance and eLearning. In addition to the comprehensive linking of information within documents, CompliCare relates specifically to residential aged care and the eight Quality Standards introduced by the Australian Aged Care and Quality Commission in July 2019. The product also has the capability of interfacing with resident database programs and lists the best practice resources used in policy and procedure development.

The CompliSpace team’s abilities in breakdown, attention to detail and their business approach are complemented by their knowledge and understanding of the aged care industry. This unique skill set drives the conversation and discussion toward options, likelihood and timeliness. Having someone objectively look at our organisation’s performance in the context of strategic needs and directions is a powerful addition to effective decision-making.

Ruth Greene’s (CompliSpace Principal Consultant, Aged Care) leadership approach is inclusive and thoughtful and her communication style and personality establishes relationships quickly and effectively. She is relaxed and approachable and thinks logically. Ruth and her team are also willing to discuss difficult subjects, listen to the views of others and explore the best outcome for the organisation. The CompliSpace team are meticulous and sensitive when managing the details surrounding the organisations business. They assist with the work required for the implementation of the CompliCare product and stay on track in relation to outstanding issues, work completed and the next steps required.

The CompliSpace team are entirely reliable, have a “can do” attitude and the ability to remain focused on goals. Working with them has many benefits one of which is their accessibility; they will always take calls if they can and promptly respond to messages. Their availability is an indicator of the way they work with and value their clients.

As a new client I have come to appreciate the extensive knowledge, influence and scope of CompliSpace’s experience and value their recommendations and guidance.

I also appreciated receiving the CompliCare Infection Prevention and Control policies and procedures in such a timely manner. It is comforting to have a framework to work with, should the worst happen, and to know that the policies and procedures are updated frequently and automatically. I have a lot of confidence in the product.

Chief Executive Officer, Orana Gardens Ltd.


Download the Orana Gardens case study.


What is CompliCare?

CompliCare is a solution that helps residential aged care facilities meet - and demonstrate that you meet - your legal and regulatory obligations. It includes:

  • Policies - kept up to date with changes in the law and best practice 
  • Learning - mapped to policies and procedures, to ensure staff understand their compliance obligations
  • Assurance - to ensure what needs to be done is actually done
  • Reporting - so you can show compliance and continuous improvement in an instant - for any audience, including Assessors or your Board

What is CompliCare?

In May, we presented a video demonstration of the system that Edith Bendall Lodge is using.

Watch the CompliCare Demo – Infection Control and Meeting the Standards webinar recording below.
Click here to watch
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